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by Nathan Ellis

Part One: Spider-Man

As of 2016, there are two films being produced by the Marvel Studios branch of the massive weeping willow tree that is Disney. Having just come out, Captain America: Civil War is enjoying critical and commercial acclaim across the globe. And while still a wildcard, the Scott Derrickson (Sinister, Deliver Us from Evil) helmed Doctor Strange is hitting cinemas this fall. Besides the obvious relation of these films being housed within the same studio, one additional piece of connecting tissue links both projects in spirit and DNA. That link is named Steve Ditko, a second generation American of Slovak descent, and the co-creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. 

“Co-creator” used in the most conservative sense, as Ditko constructed both characters through concept and illustration almost exclusively during his time at Marvel in the 1960’s. Now, obviously the obligatory walking cameo himself Stan Lee was the initial catalyst and writer of both properties, but the lesser known Ditko was a majority of the lifeblood and in five decades both characters are still identically iconic in design. 

Known for being reclusive, there are only about 5 known pictures of Steve to account for. Even choosing to opt out of a speaking role as himself in the now vintage LP “The Voices of Marvel”, a record included in the ‘Marvel’s Merry Marching Society’ membership kit for one US dollar back in 1964. Artist Sol Brodsky and Stan are forced to crack a joke in the absence of Ditko, “Out the window again? Ya know’ I’m beginning to think he is Spider-Man!”. And while that record couldn’t be more of a joy to listen to, the statement rings loud and long with a hollow truth. Steve Ditko was Spider-Man.

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