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Evidence-based cancer treatments, integrative and/or alternative therapies, and healing agents may be considered.


Evidence-based cancer care is a scientific discussion.

In the conventional cancer world, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) testing procedure generally known as – “the gold standard” – prevails as the barometer to prove the safety and effectiveness of drugs, treatments, and therapies. In brief, this standard revolves around: large, randomized, placebo-based, double-blind, evidence-based research studies. They often take 10-15 years to complete, from start to finish. They assess and evaluate drugs and therapies beginning with the evaluation of cancer cell lines, then proceeding to preclinical studies (animal studies, frequently mice). Animal studies are followed by phase 1 trials consisting of small groups of people (approximately, 20 to 80), then phase 2 (approximately, several dozens to 300), followed by phase 3 trials which are comprised of even larger groups of people (approximately several hundred to 3,000). Each succeeding phase continues, subject to safe and effective results being demonstrated in the preceding phase.

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"Hope Never Dies" is a song performed by Czech singers Marta Jandová and the song's composer Václav Noid Bárta. The entrant for the Czech Republic at Eurovision 2015,[1] "Hope Never Dies" is the fourth song to be entered by the Czech Republic in Eurovision and is the third to be sung in English rather than in Czech. The song failed to qualify for the final.

With "Hope Never Dies" the Czech Republic returns to Eurovision for the fourth time after a six-year absence from the contest following three consecutive low placings in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 editions of Eurovision (see Czech Republic in the Eurovision Song Contest). The Czech national broadcaster ČT had announced in July 2014 that they would not be sponsoring an entrant in Eurovision 2015: however in a 19 November 2014 announcement ČT stated that a Czech entrant for Eurovision 2015 would be chosen by an expert panel of jurors from a field of five specially commissioned nominees.[2] This marked the first time that there had been no national preliminary round to select the Eurovision entrant for the Czech Republic (although the previous Czech entrant at Eurovision: the 2009 entrant "Aven Romale" by Gypsy.cz, had only vied in the national preliminary with one other song).

The selection of "Hope Never Dies" as the entrant for the Czech Republic at Eurovision 2015 was announced on 31 January 2015.[1] The jurors reportedly were not made aware of the composer of the songs in contention until after the selection for the 2015 Eurovision entrant for the Czech Republic had been made. Juror Michael Kocáb stated: "The songs we were choosing from were quite on par with each other in my opinion. However, the winning song 'Hope Never Dies' was a candidate of mine too. It sports a peculiar and nice chorus, along with some nice and surprising modulation. And when I heard it, I figured that this song can really impress if done well."[3]

Despite another failure to qualify for the Grand Final, "Hope Never Dies" was indeed an improvement of results of the Czech entry, scoring 33 points in the Semifinal 2 compared to maximum of 9 in 2008. Best placing of 13th was also achieved, in comparison to two 18th ones.


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