Evolution Research Papers

Forests that are free of significant human-induced degradation should be accorded urgent conservation priority, it is argued, owing to evidence that they hold particular value for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and storage, water provision, and the maintenance of indigenous cultures and human health.

  • James E. M. Watson
  • , Tom Evans
  • , Oscar Venter
  • , Brooke Williams
  • , Ayesha Tulloch
  • , Claire Stewart
  • , Ian Thompson
  • , Justina C. Ray
  • , Kris Murray
  • , Alvaro Salazar
  • , Clive McAlpine
  • , Peter Potapov
  • , Joe Walston
  • , John G. Robinson
  • , Michael Painter
  • , David Wilkie
  • , Christopher Filardi
  • , William F. Laurance
  • , Richard A. Houghton
  • , Sean Maxwell
  • , Hedley Grantham
  • , Cristián Samper
  • , Stephanie Wang
  • , Lars Laestadius
  • , Rebecca K. Runting
  • , Gustavo A. Silva-Chávez
  • , Jamison Ervin
  •  & David Lindenmayer

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