Cd-Rom Case Study Managing Care At Wellbridge Of Novi

Printer/Fax/Copier Fleet Management Programs

Capricorn Diversified Systems, Inc. has been providing Information Technology Asset Management Services for more than 10 years. Our fleet management program will reduce cost and increase your organization’s productivity.

Save 30% or more on your printing!

  • Improve your document production and management processes to enhance employee productivity and satisfaction.
  • Workflow management to reduce printing needs and cost.
  • HID Card Access to streamline printing and scanning to email.
  • Improve the management of your output fleet by utilizing industry leading management tools and methodologies.
  • Lower the total cost of ownership and increase the return on investment in your output fleet by reducing the number of pages printed and minimizing the cost per page.
  • Turn printer acquisition method from capital expenditure to an operating expense (Lease).
  • Single payment for Equipment, Installation, Maintenance/Support, and Supplies.
  • Upgrade your old printers to the latest Multifunction Technology!

Ask about our Trade-In program for all of you out-of-date technology!


An inept CEO in denial of industry challenges steers the ship, and it's sinking. Executive "leadership" calls all the shots, doesn't hear feedback from club-level management, then makes everyone else's life miserable and holds them responsible when their executive plans (or lack thereof) don't work. Complete lack of adaptability to a changing market, stuck in the ways of 1995. Or maybe even 1985. The owner does not seem to care about the members or the employees--just about his bottom line. It's possible to run a business and be a good person, which he does not model. Pay for all employees pales in comparison to what the talent deserves, which is part of the reason turnover is so high in every department. There are opportunities for advancement here, but I don't want them...and you shouldn't, either. You'll be overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. The company is slashing costs, and employee paychecks seem to be the first hit.

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