Good Thesis Statements For Animal Testing


Death is what will become of animals if  they are inhumanly treated. They will either end up dying of exhaustion, disease, severe bodily damage, or sheer pain. When animals go; humans go, because the world relies heavily on animals for food, and other products, some of which are controversial in themselves. As previously mentioned, animals are one of the primary reasons why humans have had the ability to survive throughout the generations, and is why it is the responsibility of the human race of this world to protect animals in their life. Instead of treating them with respect, humans rip these poor defenseless animals from their natural habitats, and force them into cold metal cages.  All to conduct heartless testing of products on them for personal pleasure.  It is the humans responsibility to protect them because it is morally right.  All animals regardless of breed or size are beneficial to to our beautiful planet; and it's medically proven that a large percentage of all testing conducted provides inaccurate concluding information.

Animal Welfare Act

According to the Animal Welfare Act right now all animals except rodents and birds are protected under law against cruelty, but are still being used in testing. In the works, the Legislative is supposed to add rodents and birds to the protected species list.

Topic: Animal Testing

Thesis Statement: Although animal testing brings more medical advancement and less human-based experiments, it is an expensive way of researching imprecise outputs and at the same time, it is a practice of animal cruelty.


I.                    Introduction

A.      Thesis Statement

B.      Definition

C.      Background/ History

II.                  Body

A.      Statistics

B.      Cases

C.      Positive effects

1.      it helps in learning the precise effects of things in living organisms

2.      it ensures the safety of drugs and other substance

3.      it helps in the advancement in medical field

4.      it lessens human-based experiments

D.     Negative effects

1.      it can be expensive

2.      its results may vary

3.      it is against animal rights

4.      it leads to death of animals

E.      Refutation

III.                Conclusion

A.      Alternatives

B.      Realizations and viewpoints

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