Ten Spanish Meaning Of Essay

1(class, kind)tipo (m);clase (f)

what type of desk did you want?¿qué tipo or clase de escritorio quería?;what type of person is he?¿qué tipo or clase de persona es?;I'm not the type to get carried awayno soy de la clase or del tipo de personas que se dejan llevar;I know the type of thing you meantengo una idea de a qué te refieres

injuries caused by rubber bullets, tear gas, grenades and this type of thinghe'll be locked up so he can't do this type of thing againhe's a bit tight with money, you know the type of thing I meanhe wasn't the type to commit murderI am a very determined type of personwe have all heard people describe some men as the "strong silent type"this type of crime is becoming increasingly commonshe had the type of boss we all dreadhe's the type of student who is fascinated by anything he doesn't understand/there is a certain type of person who/ will always be attracted to the unusualwhat type did you want?have you done this type of work before?this is the type of accident drivers fear mostthe second type of defenders are lymphocytesthis is a very different type of filmfive different types of lentilwhat type of car is it?there are several types of rosesthis dog is the only one of its type in Britain

nightclubs are not my type of thinglos clubes nocturnos no son lo mío;she's/he's not my typeno es mi tipo;it's my type of filmes una película de las que a mí me gustan

I didn't think he was my type at first

she's the motherly typees una madraza

he's an outdoor typees el tipo or la clase de persona a la que le gusta la vida al aire

a moisturizer suitable for all skin typesuna crema hidratante apropiada para todo tipo de pieles

2(character, essence)tipo (m)

she was the very type of Spanish beautyera el tipo exacto de la belleza española

the true type of the breedhe's/she's [a] typeHe is a type, but as bad of the type as you can imagine

to cast sb against type(Teat)(Cine)darle a algn un papel atípico

there was some interesting casting against type in the filmen la película varios actores interpretaban papeles atípicos y el resultado es interesante

to revert to type(Bio)volver a su estado primitivo;volver a ser el mismo de siempre

she didn't believe men could really become more sensitive - after a while they would become more macho, would revert to type

the government, true to type, tried to make us believe nothing was wrongel gobierno, como es característico en él or como siempre, intentó hacernos creer que no ocurría nada malo

4(Tip)(typeface)tipo (m);(printed characters)letra (f);(blocks of characters)tipos (m)

they are often printed in plain type or capitalsHelvetica type, fourteen-pointThe Times was founded to advertise the most revolutionary new printing technology since Gutenberg: whole words preset in type instead of single lettersthe first book ever printed using movable typethe printers kept the type intact for several years afterwardsthe valuable copper type was stolen

in bold typeen negrita

in italic typeen cursiva

in large/small typeen letra grande/pequeña

underneath, in much smaller type, was an address

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      feminine noun
      1. (education) 
      Tengo que hacer una redacción acerca de la Revolución francesa.I have to write a composition about what I did on the French Revolution.
      Mi hermana ganó el concurso de redacción del colegio con una historia sobre nuestro perro.My sister won the essay contest at school with a story about our dog.
      2. (action of drafting) 
      Necesito que me ayudes con la redacción de esta carta.I need your help with the writing of this letter.
      3. (writing style) 
      La redacción en el segundo párrafo de tu trabajo es algo ambigua.The wording on the second paragraph of your paper is a bit ambiguous.
      4. (journalism) 
      Por favor, envía el borrador de tu artículo a la redacción del periódico.Please send the draft of your article to the newspaper's editorial office.
      Para ser publicadas, todas las noticias tienen que ser aprobadas por el jefe de redacción.All news has to be approved for publication by the chief of the editorial team.
      1. (acción) 
      2. (de periódico) 
      3. (estilo) 
      4. (equipo de redactores) 
      a. editorial team o staff 
      5. (oficina) 
      a. editorial office 
      6. (education) 
      la redacción del texto me llevó dos horasit took me two hours to write the text
      dices cosas interesantes, pero tendrías que cuidar la redacciónwhat you say is interesting, but you need to pay more attention to how you word it
      4(oficina)newspaper office;(personas)editorial staff
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